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Louize Clarke | August 21, 2017

Tell us about the Volume Academy

Volume Academy provides valuable real-life, hands-on industry experience to students and recent graduates

Why did Volume launch it? / What was the problem you were trying to solve through the Academy

We launched Volume Academy to inspire, engage and inform young people about what working life is really like. The initiative provides Volume access to cutting edge talent of the future whilst providing junior members of the team the opportunity to develop themselves as they are provided with management opportunities. As a result our employees feel motivated and satisfied within their roles. Volume Academy has also helped raised Volume’s employer brand within the creative, marketing and technology sector.

Personally, why are you so passionate about it?

This allows Volume the opportunity to give something back to the local community and industry whilst reinforcing existing peoples commitment and loyalty to us as an employer.


Why is it different to other training programmes?

Being the size that we are, we provide young people the opportunity to get stuck in, get involved and have an impact. Their experience is of true value rather than with larger organisations young people are unable to see the impact they have had. Plus also not many organisations have robots walking round the office!

We also provide flexibility as we realise it’s hard to really know what you want to do when studies are over and done with. We provide a flexible programme which provides an all-round experience from working in Client Services, to working with Developer and even Designers.

What do you think excites Volume candidates about going through the Academy

Being able to ‘touch’ cutting edge technology and working for a 20 year old start up!

How has the Academy made an impact on the business?

Improved our staff retention as we are able to pipeline from the bottom up. Providing existing employees the opportunity to progress as we recruit the best and aligned and top talent. We have also managed to reduce our recruitment costs as we have increased our talent pool of direct candidates. Since the Volume Academy was set up in 2013, we’ve welcomed over 118 students (that’s more than one student every fortnight!), and hired 14 of them into our Client Services, Creative and Tech teams.

What’s been your biggest lesson since leading the Academy?

Young people bring a different perspective and alternative ideas which are of value to us and our clients.

What’s next?

We are making waves in the world of AI and want more like minded people to experience what that’s like!



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