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Louize Clarke | September 6, 2017

MeVitae is an augmented intelligence company aimed at uncovering insights, and making intelligent and personalised decisions in the HR space. Over the past year the CEO, Riham Satti has taken in a number of interns and shares her experience.

Why did you start taking on interns?

As most things in the start-up world are pure serendipity, this was too. I received an email from the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC), our former office, advertising the opportunity to take in physic interns for the summer, via SEPnet and SpIN. I knew we were soon going to hire new STEM based employees to scale MeVitae and saw this as great opportunity to find these future hires.

How many apprentices do you currently employ?

We took in 7 interns from a range of universities, Southampton, Hertfordshire, and Queen Mary etc. In fact, one intern, Nathan Part loved it so much during his 8 weeks (July 2017) that he came back again 2018. Now Nathan is managing other intern(s), worked a lot with machine learning and built a natural language processing system from scratch.

What business problems can internships help to solve?

Recruitment is a strange fragmented industry with many challenges, from finding talent to diversity in the workforce. We wanted potential future hires, links into universities and acceleration of building our services.

What do interns want from employers?

Experience and a foot in the door! Getting a job after graduating from university can be super tough, especially when competing against all that great talent out there. With over three quarters of students achieving a 2:1 or higher, how can you differentiate and hire the best? An internship stands out in a CV, exposure to career paths, and career clarity with minimal risk.

And what do employers want from interns?

Motivation, great ideas and risk takers that understand that start-up life is much more dynamic compared to corporate life. This means a steeper learning curve and the interns must welcome greater responsibility.

When it comes internships, what does success look like?

Success is when you find your new employees that you will recruit, and interns has developed into a brand new person and gained confidence. It’s a complete honour to see interns do something they love and that should be the case for everyone. #DoWhatYouLove

What gets in the way of this success?

Poor team fit. The culture of a team can make or break a company or workforce. Interns need to work well together and everyone should take ownership of their work. Sometimes not everything goes to plan, e.g. an algorithm fails or it work takes longer than expected, so you must be resilient.

What lessons have you learnt?

Managing a team and organisational skills. When we were a small group our workflow was much more fluid, but after taking in interns there were weekly meetings and regular progress updates. It’s the bridge between monitoring performance and upskilling talent.

What’s next for you and your internship roadmap?

The plan is to continue to offer these internships and discover new talent. Watch this space!



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