Position / Role
Customer Lifecycle Manager



   Job Type
Winnersh, Berkshire
   Date Posted
May 4, 2018
   Position Expires
February 20, 2019
   Job Description

The Company

Artesian helps B2B sales professionals increase credibility, competitiveness and customer satisfaction… and ultimately, revenue.

Our platform is designed to make commercial people and relationship managers look awesome. We do this by providing:

  • Smart ways to identify the best prospects to talk to

  • Relevant reasons to engage with them throughout the sales cycle

  • Quick ways to research and prepare for calls and meetings

If you enjoy the thrill and challenge of a fast, evolving business; being agile and creative in your approaches; and learning from your colleagues every day, then read on.

The role

To ensure a seamless customer experience, we have joined our pre-sale and post-sale customer teams and created our Customer Lifecycle Management function. The Customer Lifecycle Manager is responsible for helping our customers understand how Artesian will add value to their organisation at the pre-sale stage and then helping them achieve that value post-sale.

Activities you’ll typically find yourself doing include:

Building Business Cases / Demonstrating ROI

  • You’ll work closely with our Sales team during the pre-sale stage to understand how we can impact a customer’s business. You’ll then manage customer pilots, (trials) training users and collecting feedback to evidence success and build a business case for them to buy Artesian
  • Following the pilot, you will then manage the customer relationship longer term, working with key stakeholders within the company to ensure we are aligned to their objectives and continue to deliver exceptional ROI

Demonstrating Artesian / Coaching Users

  • One of the most important parts of the Artesian sales process is demonstrating the service. All of the customer-facing team within Artesian are trained to demonstrate the service; sometimes the demo will be a relaxed 1:1 affair and others will be more formal to a panel of senior execs within a customer account. We’ll help you achieve the skills you need to be equally comfortable in either situation.
  • Coaching could include existing customers, prospective customers or even members of our Sales team and this could be face to face or via webinar.

Customer Lifecycle Manager

  • Building Customer Relationships
    o Engaging at all levels across a customer organisation to find and build champions of the Artesian product

  • Managing Internal and External Stakeholders
    o Multi-tasking will be your middle name; you’ll play a critical part in helping internal stakeholders understand which are the most priority actions we need to take, while managing the expectations of your external (customer) stakeholders.

Collaborating with Colleagues

  • Customer Success is a team sport, so you’ll be working very closely with the rest of the business, from our Sales team, all the way through to our Product Development team. You’ll need to be comfortable calling on others and their areas of expertise to help you support your customer relationship.
Key Deliverables:

  • 90% conversion rate from pilot to customer

  • 92% retention of revenue from existing customers

  • Increase revenue from existing customers to grow to 120% of current revenue


We have a strong focus on learning and development at Artesian, so you don’t need to have lots of experience across all areas of the role, what’s more important is that you have the right personal attributes to fit the role and team. We’re looking for someone who has:


  • In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, you need to be accountable and honest

People Person

  • You’ll be working with lots of people, from customers to colleagues and you’ll need to get to know them all


  • Part of your role will involve training people and delivering presentations. You’ll need to be confident, articulate and used to capturing and holding people’s attention as you educate them


  • Your written and verbal communication skills need to be top notch; a qualification to support this would be desirable

Willingness to Learn

  • Our customers are at the heart of everything we do so you need to be prepared to climb into their worlds, understand how we can help and then make it happen.
  • The Artesian service is constantly evolving to keep us ahead of the competition. As aproduct expert, you’ll need to find it easy to pick up new systems quickly so that you can train those around you


  • This is a multi-faceted role so you need to feel at home juggling different deadlines, customer groups, managers, etc. without being micro managed

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