Position / Role
Tech Lead – IoT/AI Device Software/Hardware
Archangel Imaging


   Job Type
   Date Posted
July 8, 2019
   Position Expires
June 26, 2020
   Job Description

Archangel Imaging is a startup developing distributed intelligence and advanced unmanned camera systems. We have worked on World Record projects and have developed unique machine vision payloads including edge AI devices featured at BT Augmented Intelligence 2018 (winner), Dubai’s Robotics for Good award in 2017 (finalist) and at Innovate 2017 exhibition.

Our mission is to help organisations gain and manage easily machine vision capability on edge devices deployed in remote areas, such as in automated search and rescue operations, sea crime monitoring and environmental protection missions. Our products combine cutting-edge machine learning with specialist cameras, advanced communication terminals and different levels of swarm intelligence to meet this challenge.

Role description

We are looking for a driven professional with experience delivering complete embedded devices, including hardware (mechanics, electronics) and software. These devices will be our smart cameras, capable of being deployed in remote places.

The ideal candidate will be very hands on, capable of prototyping devices, for example by integrating components, implementing software and designing PCBs and 3D models. Production devices would be produced by partners, so the tech lead will own and manage the end-to-end partner delivery from requirements to acceptance.

Experience with IoT, wireless technology, computer vision and machine learning platforms would be highly beneficial. Depending on your specialities you could be contributing in other areas of the business.

Role responsibilities

    • Translate high level requirements into specific device design requirements
    • Support the other development teams with rapid prototyping:
    • – Design and prototype electronics systems

    • – Design and prototype embedded software
    • – Design and prototype hardware enclosures
  • Source components and devices from partners
  • Find and review key suppliers to act as partners
  • Set partner product requirements (cost, design, test and acceptance etc.)
  • Manage and review partner deliveries
  • Manage hardware/system integration activities
  • Manage risks to the hardware device plans
  • Liaise with other development teams to ensure a complete system design and delivery
  • Manage equipment cost estimates and tracking

Interested applicants may also join first as a fixed-term consultant although we prefer to find a good permanent match.


Essential skills/ experience:

  • At least a degree in a science/engineering related subject​
  • Experience deliverying functioning consumer/B2B hardware solutions
  • Strong logical and mathematical skills
  • Strong skills in low power electronic engineering​ for embedded devices
  • Strong skills in hardware design and manufacture​
  • Strong prototyping and problem solving skills​
  • Strong skills with embedded software and hardware​
  • Strong skills in 3D modelling and manufacture(CNC, 3D printing)​
  • Good communications skills to work with suppliers and outsource​
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Customer engagement experience
  • Understanding of relevant standards such as IP ratings, CE marks, EMC etc

Desirable skills/ experience:

  • Good skills in PCB design and manufacture​
  • Experience with renewable energy solutions
  • Experience with battery technologies
  • Good skills in thermal modelling​
  • Good skills in power profiling and power optimization​
  • Skills in embedded software optimization​
  • Experience using IoT technologies in a commercial project
  • Drone / UAS design/development experience

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