Position / Role
Junior Marketing Manager



   Job Type
   Date Posted
September 3, 2018
   Position Expires
July 17, 2019
   Job Description

Role Summary

In this role you will be responsible for managing and implementing Prolific’s marketing initiatives (preferably full-time, but part-time is possible). You will oversee and manage the marketing campaigns run by Prolific, our social media activities, and all promotional materials. You will perform market research and analysis in order to help direct marketing strategy and planning. More precisely, you will analyse the academic market space to learn how Prolific can best acquire new researchers and participants to grow its platform. Based on the market insights you acquire, you will refine and improve our marketing campaigns and initiatives. In this role you will report all key marketing and sales results to the executive team, which will shape future strategic decisions.

Working closely with our data analysis team, support team,developers, and leadership you will work towards these key goals:

  • Develop and implement cost-effective marketing campaigns and initiatives based on clearly defined marketing goals and market research
  • Significantly improve the growth and adoption of Prolific by researchers and participants
  • Develop Prolific’s brand and public profile, which primarily involves our online presence (that is, our website and media presence), but alsoparticipating in online and offline research communities

This will likely involve some or all of the following:

  • Acquire a broad but also deep understanding of the academic research space. That is, how do key actors and stakeholders in this space operate: What are important motivations, goals, incentives, structures, and processes? What values and norms are important in academic research? Which frustrations and challenges do researchers and participants regularly face, and what could be solutions to these?
  • Establish marketing goals based on Prolific’s past performance and market research, and make sure that progress towards these goals can be tracked & measured
  • Research and analyse market trends, demographics, pricing schedules, competitor products, and other relevant information to develop cost-effective marketing initiatives
  • Implement marketing campaigns and initiatives, including social media campaigns, and take ownership of day-to-day management of our social media presence
  • Adjust marketing campaigns and strategies as needed in response to collected data and other feedback
  • Support the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects
  • Represent Prolific in researcher and participant online / social media communities and manage day-to-day social media activities
  • Provide in-depth information about Prolific to interested users when required, and act as a representative in offline marketing-related events
  • Suggest and seek out the right partners and organisations to align ourselves with, which will inform the marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Generate regular summaries and reports in a reproducible manner which clearly and accurately describe the marketing initiatives
  • Disseminate the key information to the whole Prolific team in written reports and summaries highlighting the key insights you’ve gained, which are easily interpretable and actionable.


  • Salary: £26,000-32,000 (p.a.), negotiable based on experience and qualifications, plus:
  • Pension (employer contribution 3% of base salary)
  • Flexible working: Work equipment of your choice, you can work flexibly from home or from our coworking space, flexible hours
  • We’re likely to open a new base in central London this year
  • 25 days holiday per year, plus bank holidays
  • Flexible budget for any books and/or educational material
  • Personal growth opportunities (e.g., learn about the startup ecosystem, mentoring from executive team, learn about psychological science and research methods)
  • Open, transparent, and inclusive culture
  • Self-made cider and home-baked cookies 🙂

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