Position / Role
GIS Specialist
deep planet



   Job Type
Harwell, Oxfordshire
   Date Posted
September 29, 2018
   Position Expires
June 21, 2019
   Job Description

Deep Planet’s focus is on leveraging satellite data for agriculture and oil and gas industries. Using neural networks, we have accurately identified vineyards in the world and measured plant stress. Other projects include oil and gas monitoring and water level predicting capability. We work with the world’s leading satellite companies and research organisations to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Deep Planet is backed by the European Space Agency BIC UK, Copernicus Incubation Programme along with other UK Government Innovation grants. We are rapidly expanding our presence in many market verticals with aim to develop commercial capabilities. 

Job Duties

  • Work as part of the R&D team to design, manage and maintain the GIS schemas, databases and datasets. Work with business users to define data needs

  • Use GIS to perform database development, spatial analysis and feature extraction and manipulation

  • Create tools to automate spatial analysis and feature extraction and manipulation

  • Conversion and wrangling of data received from internal and external sources to make them usable in GIS systems

  • Develop methods and rule-sets for conflation of client data with internal models

  • Maintain metadata and documentation, perform topology checks and other data

  • Quality checks to identify and correct errors or omissions in data

  • Participate in and support production teams on projects with GIS deliverables

  • Provide guidance and training for Technicians on GIS tools and techniques

  • Provide expertise for GIS tasks within the company

Skills and Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Qualification in a directly related discipline 

  • Excellent knowledge of the development and maintenance of GIS databases

  • Experience automating GIS processes with Python or similar

  • Proficient in GIS tools including QGIS and ArcGIS

  • Ability to analyze and solve spatial analysis problems

  • Good communication skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the development and maintenance of GIS databases


Come join our world class team if you are not afraid to try new approaches and are looking to push the boundaries of innovation that can have global impact. 

All positions are part/full time and based in Harwell, UK or remote.

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