Position / Role
Front-end Developer


   Job Type
   Date Posted
July 8, 2019
   Position Expires
June 26, 2020
   Job Description

Souqbox is a unique development company that has both its own products and builds and integrates solutions for adjacent enterprise customers. Our core products are anchored around the Souqbox marketplace platform and eCommerce solutions. We are a B2B Marketplace & e-commerce platform with the ambition to become the global market leader in this category. We are based in Berkshire west of London in the UK & the founders have experience of building and operating a B2B online market and have set up Souqbox to leverage that knowledge and platform for clients seeking to launch a marketplace.

The role & the team

Souqbox requires a Front end Developer to join the team and work in an agile fast moving environment. We operate in distinct teams for each of the projects we have on and this role will work with a DevOps Leader and Back end Developer to provide a rapid and focused approach to projects.

Why B2B ?

Good question. The B2C e-commerce revolution is well established and in most developed markets it’s bigger than bricks and mortar trade. B2B is some way behind this and the limited offerings out there are focused on taking an existing model online like B2C – i.e its a catalogue/eCommerce play to complement existing sales models. Think of a plumbers merchant – ordering online is basically the same as in shop/telephone.

Throw in the growth of the circular economy model and existing eCommerce doesn’t cut it. B2C is a fixed price commerce model and B2B is not. It requires negotiation in almost any product or service. Every B2B product re-seller or manufacturer has surplus inventory from time to time. We think digital markets tailored to each market segment will emerge to solve this problem. We also believe that the most successful operators will have the same model already working offline and see online as the next logical step. Many won’t want to do this themselves; and why should they when they can have a scalable state of the art marketplace from Souqbox?

Still not convinced? Perhaps think of it this way; the generation that grew up digital are now taking leadership of companies around the world and they see the problems solved in their personal lives by markets -AirBnB, Uber, Amazon,eBay, Alibaba et al. Why cant they solve business problems with surplus inventory in the same way?

Are you our Superstar?

We currently outsource our tech dev to people we know and trust as that gives us the flexibility we need. As we grow, our clients are going to require an increasing level of product dev and service. We are thus recruiting these roles as permanent in house roles that will enable us to create a tiered model with offshore developers supporting a UK team.

We already have customers on our platform and a solid pipeline and we believe this will be a fast growth challenging journey ahead. If you are at that point in your journey that you want to have a shot at something that could be really big and the above description sounds like you, we would love to talk to you.

Qualification / Requirements

We are seeking mid level experienced coders that like operating in a fast agile team and like client facing time. That means –  

  • A strong interest in product dev/design/UI-UX and experience of working with design teams extracting PSD, Zeppelin etc formats and delivering the UI & UX as designed.
  • 3+ years of experience / strong proficiency in JavaScript
  • A love of working closely with clients and turning their wish-list into deliverable by collaborating with them so closely that you are like one of their team.  
  • Rock solid project delivery skills ideally including Agile and SCRUM experience
  • 2 years min experience of building applications from a green field starting point to delivery.
  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
  • Experience of the following code base & tech would be good –
    • Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Bootstrap.
    • Understand web standards and building for accessibility.
    • Comfortable with JSON / XML / AJAX.
    • Solid UI development skills including responsive design.
    • REST APIs
    • Database (MySQL)
    • Design patterns (MVC, MVVM)
    • Familiarity with Git and CI
    • Experience building robust, scalable web applications.

Nice to have

    • Angular/React
    • NodeJS,
    • Experience in microservices
    • Experience with Python
    • Familiar with AWS technology and tools
  • Ideally some interest or experience in Blockchain (language neutral). We are interested in developing this within a smart contract model for our trading platform.
  • A can do, team first attitude to everything and the kind of person who doesn’t bring a problem to the table without a solution suggestion.  
  • A passion for learning and pushing the boundaries for yourself and those around you.
  • The skill to know what is really important in a project and to get straight to that point in a  way that takes the team with you.
  • A willingness to come on this journey with us and not just do a job. We are seeking a co-founding partner in this role with equity available. It’s much more than just a job.    

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