GROW@GreenPark launches a “the day after” a programme for accelerator refugees.

Louize Clarke | April 3, 2016

You’ve been immersed in your accelerator bubble for weeks and then all of a sudden the party is over and you are being kicked out. Your funding seems a bit further away than you had planned so there is a lot of focus on burn rate. You’ve also lost your desk and still want to be a part of a collaborative community.

Don’t despair, welcome to GROW@GreenPark – it’s our version of the “Jungle” but for the accelerator refugee. AND guess what, it’s not in London – we are in Reading. Why? We believe London is saturated and we want to help post accelerator start-ups find their voice in a less crowded place. It’s fair to say we were also recognised by the Sherry Coutu report as having some of the most successful scale-up businesses – so our pedigree speaks for itself.

What is GROW?

It’s a bit of a fusion space with start-ups, freelancers and creatives. We offer desks, events and also a maker space. But at it’s core is beating heart and a vibrant eco-system. It’s not just a desk – you join a community, build relationships, grow your business. We’re all about people, GROW is a place to collaborate. Not only that, we have a thriving peer network and access to lots of mentors so you still have the support infrastructure you had access to in your accelerator.

We offer a cost effective “soft landing space” whilst you make up your mind what the next steps will be. We won’t lock you into contracts, all our pricing is roll on, roll off. We can accommodate individuals or teams of up to 8. Our prices for fixed desks start at £150 and co-working from only £10 a day.

We are also one of only four spaces featured in the UKTI Creative South East soft landing programme

We might not be London but we can get you back into there in only 25 minutes – faster than it takes to commute from one side of London to the other. And did you know that most of the VC and angel money actually lives out here but commutes into London. Why not make their lives easier too!

If you’re potential customer base is corporates you will struggle to find anywhere better to be based to reach that market. We have an enviable amount sat within 15 minutes of GROW.

Looking for suppliers? We have some amazing digital agencies based out here with strings of awards to their names without the London price tag. We also have a very vibrant developer community who meet for regular events like the Google GDG Meetup.

We having a thriving events programme including Glug, The Festival of Digital Disruption, Start-up Grind, Thames Valley IoT, Big Data and Dev Ops.

What’s it like to live in Reading? It’s much cheaper live in Reading than London and we have a vibrant indie scene driven by Alt Reading. Green Park where GROW is based is even getting it’s own residential community with 1 bedroom apartments through to 5 bed houses and just a 10 minutes walk away from us. Green Park has lots of food festivals and on summer days you can pull up a deck chair or bean bag for an outdoor company meeting. For the more active there are also regular triathlons and a trim trail.

We even have great coffee. Still sat in London wondering what to do? Get on the train and come and see what you are missing.


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