Game Changers

ConnectTVT was launched in June 2014 to “put the Thames Valley back on the tech and digital cluster maps” that we had disappeared from.

Are you Game Changer or do you know one? 2018 applications have now closed. To register your interest in 2019 just send an email to and we will let you know when applications are open.

Being rich in established, mature tech-based businesses, global giants have been critical to the region’s economy but had also made us become a victim of our own success. I felt we had taken our eye off the ball about we how we were perceived; at a national level we were off the radar.

The 50 Game Changers was my way of acknowledging some of the unsung heroes hidden away, fighting their fight and also to demonstrate that the Thames Valley is, in fact, full of interesting, inspiring start-up, and fast growth scale-up businesses with home-grown innovation. 

See our 2017 #50Changers in the Thames Valley



Stay tuned our 2018 #50Changers in the Thames Valley will be fully revealed on the 22nd November.



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