Building Data Science Teams & Scaling Data Science Processes

March 20 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


We are delighted to announce our guest presenters

David Asboth is a Data Scientist at Cox Automotive Data Solutions. He was originally a software developer for 6 years before deciding to change his career and did an MSc in Data Science to do so. His day job mostly involves creating value from messy and incomplete data.

David will be discussing;
How we scale(d) our data science team
• How did we find the optimum niche for a data science team within a traditional organisation? How might this niche differ depending on your organisation?
• What is the role of a data scientist in such an environment?
• What are the skills that make a good data scientist in this environment?

Shaun McGirr is the Lead Data Scientist at Cox Automotive Data Solutions and has been working with data in one way or another for about 15 years. A 2016 PhD graduate from the University of Michigan, he spends most days developing new data products for the automotive industry.

Shaun will be sharing;
How we scale(d) our data science stack
How do you separate R&D from production, to ensure both are done well?
What kinds of tools are available for these two workflows, given none does both?
How did we map from our requirements to our tool choices?

Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organisation, and that means we can combine data from across the entire vehicle lifecycle. We are on a journey to turn this data into insights and want to share some of our experiences both in building up data science teams and scaling data science processes (from laptop to Hadoop cluster).

Refreshments will be provided from 18.30 with talks starting at 19:00.


March 20
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Austin Fraser, Thames Tower, Station Road, Reading RG1 1LX

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