Building Technology For The Nightlife Industry

Louize Clarke | September 22, 2017

Smart Nightlife Company will debut their revolutionary point of sale ecosystem at Bar Tech Live on September 26th and 27th at the ExCel Convention Centre. To demonstrate the benefits of unifying nightlife operations through one single system, they will exhibit their Omni-Channel Nightlife Operating System in a real-life cocktail lounge. Learn more about their brand activation and hands on Ultimate Nightlife Experience.

We looked at what the point of sale is today and asked ourselves what it can become.

In the realm of nightlife, the landscape of mobile ordering, loyalty, ticketing, event management, payment infrastructure and point of sale features such as inventory and analytics are fragmented. The average POS system is seven years old, equipped with legacy infrastructure and struggles to deliver to the demands of the constantly connected consumer. One service provides this. Another company provides that. And at the end of the day, venues are faced with layers upon layers of add-ons, plug ins and tedious software integrations. This fragmentation reduces the consumer adoption and utilisation of technology in nightlife, but when advancements in technology, innovative solutions and modern payment infrastructure come together under one roof, a new ecosystem is born.

We saw an opportunity to bring all the benefits of technology to the nightlife industry and developed an end-to-end system for consumers, venues and brands.

To deliver frictionless mobile order and pay experiences that deliver the highest level of guest and staff satisfaction, POS and guest devices must work together in tandem. We reimagined the POS as Staff Apps with two-way communication that flows between each staff member and our mobile order and pay wallet. Waiters, bartenders and kitchen remain in sync on all operations and Staff Apps can take payments anywhere in the venue. This improves throughput and the guest experience by giving staff total control and oversight of the customer service continuum.

Guests don’t have to communicate to staff that they are using an ‘app’ when they order or open a tab. Staff Apps register every guest touch point and track orders on handheld devices, so orders are delivered to guests as fast as they can be prepared.

Manage business operations from one platform

Our NEON Backoffice provides a single real-time view of sales and employee performance, with the added value of a smart CRM and pre-emptive stock management. It manages the absolute logistics for venues, including guest mobile payments and ordering, inventory, product catalogue, loyalty schemes, labour management and events ticketing.

All staff activity and performance are tracked, updated in real-time and accessible from the Backoffice to simplify labour management and provide owners a complete and easy to understand overview of their operations.

Nightlife loyalty and revolutionary ordering

Rewards, loyalty and payments are all integrated and through one app, guests can buy event tickets, offers, pre-buy bottle service, pay at the table and access the entire venue menu from their mobile device. Designed for your customers to order more, love you more and come back for more, the Drinktopia App is a smart wallet that enables your guest to purchase everything you sell straight from their mobile device and collect rewards and offers on every transaction.

Interactive touchscreen tables bring all the magic. Guests browse your entire menu, interact with custom content and instantly place orders. Interactive tables deliver highly targeted consumer driven experiences that increase engagement, drive retention and open new revenue streams. Guests can swipe to split and combine checks and pay directly at the table.

Great nightlife experiences are powered by the curiosity to discover more. A desire to escape the norm and break into a dimension of newness, serendipity and surprise. There’s a digital rhythm to the modern-day socialite and we look forward to increasing the efficiency of operations and bringing venues closer to their guests with the latest technology.

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