Founders of beat the street launches crowdfunding campaign

Louize Clarke | December 4, 2017

Intelligent Health, the health-tech start-up looking to get the country off the sofa, announces a £200,000 crowdfunding round on Seedrs in a bid to become the leader in tackling inactivity.

The World Health Organisation states that inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death globally, while in England 29% of adults are inactive. This level of inactivity is unprecedented and has a direct link to obesity, diabetes and heart disease; all of which which are creating a huge and unsustainable financial drain on healthcare at local, national and international levels.
Whilst the Current Healthcare model focuses on dealing with the end result of bad health behaviours, Intelligent Health is using technology and behaviour change theory to tackle the social causes of ill health.Led by Dr William Bird MBE who created ‘Health Walks’ and the ‘Green Gym’, Intelligent Health has been building active communities around the globe.
The Company’s award-winning Beat the Street programme has similarities to Pokémon Go where gamification is used across an entire area to get children, adults and the whole community moving together earning points and winning prizes. For the player it is fun, connects people and improves their health. Unlike Pokémon Go, Beat the Street produces long term behavioural change and is delivered with Public Health and NHS support across the UK.
Beat the Street engages more people than any other Public Health physical activity intervention because it is straightforward, fun, and fits in with daily life. Successful programmes have been delivered across the world, engaging communities in London, Dublin, Belfast, New York and Vienna.
Intelligent Health collects extensive data from online health registration and thousands of lines of time and location data from the Beat Boxes which can be used to provide evidence of change to funders and provide information to participants on how they are improving their health.

Dr Bird and his team are also developing a Social Prescription offer which is set to become standard in all GPs within the next two years. Social prescribing involves the GP issuing a prescription that empowers the community to improve health through exercise or healthy eating. The first social prescription programme from Intelligent Health will be delivered in Newham in 2017.

Founder and CEO Dr William Bird said: “At Intelligent Health, we know why moving matters and how active people connect to bring health, happiness and a sense of purpose. With 750,000 participants to date in our flagship Beat the Street programme, and clear evidence of sustained change to behaviour, we know we can make a positive and lasting impact on society.
We look to establish the best ways to connect people with each other and take control of their health, so crowdfunding with Seedrs was an obvious choice to help grow the company. We want to empower people to make changes to their lives and now the public can invest as little as £10 in our mission. We have a clear vision to create active vibrant communities and we have set ambitious and motivating targets to help us achieve this.”
The funding will be used to grow the business including the development of a Beat the Street licence into Europe and the USA and the development of the Social Prescription programme.

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