We are really passionate about plugging the skills gap and have created a number of initiatives including Digital Gum to inspire young adults to pursue careers as digital apprentices and up-skill parents looking to return to work. We also champion the STEAM agenda through our Green Meets Grey project. 



Digital careers are different – it’s not like IT at school! 

There are so many digital jobs for people like you! We are launching an exciting new skills initiative to fast track your digital career and land your dream job. Spend just 6 weeks part-time working on real-life projects to give you the digital & work ready skills to be in demand. You will also walk away with a killer CV and we will introduce you to local employers ready to hire. What’s not to like? Register your details below and we will send you further details.

It offers so many choices! Join us at Digital Gum

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Return to work

Unlocking return to work digital skills

Did you know your skills are in high demand? During our recent skills survey there was a resounding ‘yes’ from employers to having more return to work candidates applying for their digital jobs. We do however understand that it can feel a little overwhelming to know where to start the return to work process. That’s why we have launched a digital skills initiative to fast track you back into work.

In just 6 weeks of part time learning we will teach you the digital skills needed, work with you to boost your confidence and you’ll also walk away with a killer CV. We will also introduce you to local employers crying out for your skills.

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Green Meets Grey

We believe in STEAM not STEM – “You need to bring art and science back together. Think back to the glory days of the Victorian era. It was a time when the same people wrote poetry and built bridges..” Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman.  Closing the skills gap is a two way process which is why the Greens meet the Greys. 

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It‘s the coming together of students from around the region – Green, with a group of business mentors to offer advice and guidance throughout the event – Grey


Delivering Work Ready Skills

  • An understanding of diverse range of career options available
  • A connection to the world of work and expectations of their future employers

Connecting with Future talent

  • Interactive engagement with the next generation of inquisitive minds and the future workforce of the UK
  • An insight into what being a 14-18 year old is currently like, how they think and how to communicate with them.

Green Meets Grey delivered in partnership with Design Thinking Limited.

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