SafeToNet Secures Growth Investments from DuKlaw Ventures

Louize Clarke | March 6, 2016

SafeToNet™ Social Responsibility and Cyber Security Service Launching in 2016.

SafeToNet™, the British Social Responsibility and Cyber Security company with the technology to help safeguard social media and social network users from abuse and other online predatory risks, has announced a £3m investment in funding capital and resources from Swiss-based DuKlaw Ventures.

The funding from DuKlaw Ventures has significantly increased the power and market potential of SafeToNet’s cyber-harm blocking services. DuKlaw Ventures has already brought significant value to SafeToNet™ by delivering mission critical resources (including a Tier 1 server network), technologies, capital and an integrated cyber security capability that will springboard SafeToNet™ as a globally capable cyber security and intelligence company.

“The SafeToNet™ services are precisely what the social media and social network markets need to provide protection from abusive and socially irresponsible behaviour. SafeToNet™ leverages cyber security level technologies at a human level providing an essential component in the inter-operable cyber security value chain. We anticipate that SafeToNet™ will lead the market in a new era of smart innovation in cyber security “ said Colin Forrest, Principal at DuKlaw Ventures.

SafeToNet’s founder and CEO Richard Pursey said:

“SafeToNet’s pro-active cyber-harm blocking service protects anyone concerned about the personal risks of not just social networks but most other online engagement platforms. Parents in particular fret about the new-age risks faced by their children including cyber bullying, grooming, radicalisation and more. SafeToNet™ gives them peace of mind. SafeToNet™ blocks anti-social content before it is seen and harm is done. The relationship with DuKlaw Ventures has placed SafeToNet™ in the top league of cyber security companies and given us a solid foundation to grow internationally and with speed. ”

SafeToNet™ is a cyber security app that safeguards users at a human level. It leverages a mixture of behavioural, sentiment and correlative analytics to contextualise incoming and outgoing messages automatically and in real-time blocking harmful content. It can detect cyber bullying, Catfish (users who are not who they say they are) and detect grooming, flaming, trolling and other criminal and anti-social behaviour.

SafeToNet™ launches in late spring 2016 and initially as a platform to be embedded into company applications to protect and safeguard their user base. In the summer of 2016 SafeToNet™ launches its consumer service aimed at all users of social engagement networks and notably parents wishing to safeguard their children. SafeToNet™ will be available on any platform; tablet, smartphone or computer with internet access.

About SafeToNet™

Privately funded and based in Reading, England, SafeToNet™ is a behavioural analytics business that focuses on cyber security at a human level. Already recognised by Cisco as one of the UK and Ireland’s top 50 cyber security start-ups (the Cisco50 programme), it is developing a suite of services that safeguard all users from the increasing personal risks that exist in cyber space. For more information visit

About DuKlaw Ventures

DuKlaw Ventures is dedicated to the growth of innovation technologies in early stage companies focused on cyber security and inter-related global scope business such as education, mobile telecommunications, social media and finance. DuKlaw Ventures provides 30 plus years of industry and technology experience across the leading business and technology sectors that depend on cyber security as a core strategy. DuKlaw Ventures has rapidly evolved as a strategic innovation partner and resource in evolving and emerging cyber security technologies that are shaping the future of global business and cyber security innovation. To learn more visit

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