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We are a Reading-based platform bringing together the Thames Valley’s fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, tech and digital economy, from our base GROW@GreenPark in Reading.

Leading the conversations, sharing the stories, promoting the events, it’s a central place for collaboration and innovation.

Developers, start-ups, scale-ups, digital, makers, freelancers or corporates, there is something for everyone.

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ConnectTVT launches 50 Game Changers

ConnectTVT was launched in June
 2014 to “put the Thames Valley back
on the tech and digital cluster maps”
 that we had disappeared from. Being
 rich in established, mature tech-based businesses, global giants have been critical to the region’s economy but had also...

TTN Reading runs it’s first Thingithon during FODD2016

Team Thingithon! This weekend TTN Reading held their first ever Thingithon! Using the Reading Hotspot prototype, the challenge was to automatically announce when a person enters the office. We decided to give different people their own theme tune or sound that would...

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